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Source Insight 3.50.83

Source Insight makes development process easier and more productive

Source Insight is an application that was developed for professional C and Java programmers. Its main purpose is to make development process easier and more productive. For example it can help when you try to figure out all details of source code that was written by another person. The program creates its’ own database of symbolic information that might be really useful for developer. Such information is being added into database while you are working. Also Source Insight is great code editor with functions of symbolic auto-completion. Just start typing name of identifier and the application will show you list of potential possible names. Source Insight includes great innovation called Relation Window. This window shows developers relations among symbols in source code. For achievement of more clearness these relations can be represented in graph view. It can really help in source code better understanding. Also Source Insight includes great tool for searching words in your source code that is similar to Internet search on standard web pages. The program includes a lot of really useful features and tools. You can get all information about them in detailed help file.

Ilya Barmenkov
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  • Lots of really useful features


  • Really high price
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