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Edit, analyze and manage source code written in various programming languages
Source Insight v4.00.96
29 Mar 2018
Editorial review
Source Insight v3.50.83
2 Mar 2008
Editorial review

What's new

v4.00.96 [21 Feb 2017]
Fix: Crash when parsing some Perl files with long lines. This could happen during Synchronize Files, or when idle as the project is parsed in the background.
Fix: Auto complete finding wrong structure members in some cases when token macros are used.
Fix: Python: error parsing some import statements could cause the rest of the file to not parse.
Fix: Python: comment-only lines that start with '#' were incorrectly affecting the current indent/nesting level.
Fix: Auto-complete sometimes failed to work when member fields were defined with a token macro expansion.
Fix: Project Folder Browser panel, and in Project > Add and Remove Project Files: was unable to navigate down into a single folder whose name was longer than 64 characters.
Fix: C++: Failed to find the return type of a function if the return type used a "smart" pointer template type, such as shared_ptr.
Fix: C++: Global scope resolution operator :: was not always interpreted correctly.
Fix: C++: Failed to deduce the type of an array element in a template that implemented operator[].
Fix: Editing project-specific-conditions, and project-specific imports was allowed for read-only projects.
Fix: Project-specific configuration parts were not loading when you opened a different project.
Fix: View > Vertical Scroll Bar did not always show the scroll bar, if the vertical scroll bar was disabled in Options > Preferences > Windows, depending on whether the "enhanced" scroll bar was used or not.
Fix: Memory management problem when opening very large projects with over 50 million index entries.
Change: You can now set the Default font for the current file in the Style Properties. When you select the "Default" style, and pick a font, it sets the screen font of the current file, which is part of the File Type Options. It is equivalent to selecting Options > File Type Options and setting the Screen Font.
Change: Options > Preferences > Searching: "Automatically load selection into find pattern" has change its meaning slightly. If the option is disabled, the text at the insertion point or the selected text is never loaded into the search pattern. It used to load it if 1 or more characters were selected.

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